Fire Springs

“Four voices provide contrast and character. Anthony has a dramatic intensity .. Kirsty has a lively, refreshing voice .. Kevan’s words often hit a powerful poetic punch .. David has a rich, resonant, unfussy voice”

Eric Maddern, Storylines, 2002 - review of Arthur's Dream

“Great storytellers .. Having several voices makes for a more varied and entertaining performance than could be achieved with a solo storyteller, however good”

Pete Jennings, Pagan Dawn, 2004 - review of Arthur's Dream

“A potent retelling of myths .. aided by a prodigious talent of storytelling skills and daring .. The creative collaboration of talent was greater than the parts”

Peter Alfred Please, Storylines, 2005 - review of Return to Arcadia

“I’ve been to a lot of storytelling up and down the country and this is as good as it gets”              Ronald Hutton

“A big thank you from all of us at the Well for a great show the other night. The audience really enjoyed it and, as usual, it was very professional, yet very friendly, with a good blend of humour, music and a deeper meaning running through the different stories”

Chalice Well, 2005 - comment on Return to Arcadia

“Truly excellent. I felt very tense and anxious in the second half! The sequence after the three blasts on the horn totally caught me.”

Jenny Gilling, 2002 - comment on Robin of the Wildwood

“Kevan Manwaring and Richard Selby .. wove a series of riveting and sinister narratives interlaced with dark humour and Celtic imagery. Creepy, morbid and surprisingly thought provoking, The Thinning Veil left the audience enraptured and on the edge of their seat throughout. And for a Hallowe’en show based entirely around the human voice, that’s a scary achievement.”

Joe Martin, SomersetCounty Gazette, 2010 - review of The Thinning Veil


Here are some of the reviews people have written and other comments people have made about our performances ........