Wiltshire Folk Tales

Thirty lively folk tales from one of Britain's most ancient counties, vividly retold by an accomplished storyteller. Their origins lost in the oral tradition, these stories from Wiltshire reflect the wisdom of the county and its people. Illustrated by the author.

£9.99 ISBN 978-0-7524-5736-9

Kirsty Hartsiotis (The History Press, 2011)   

Lost Islands: Inventing Avalon, Destroying Eden

Otherworldly islands haunt the imagination of the West. From Atlantis to Ys, the peoples of the Atlantic seaboard have dreamt of, searched for, journeyed to and lost several kingdoms of the sea. An adventurous odyssey charting this metaphysical archipelago, drawing on philosophy, folklore, literature and myth.

£14.95 ISBN 978-1-905646-07-4

Kevan Manwaring (Heart of Albion Press, 2008)  

Exotic Excursions

Epiphanies of solitude, twilight and initiation, exploring the territory between travel writing and magical realism. In transcending the line between the written and spoken word, between the familiar and the unfamiliar, between the actual and the imagined, these tales send sparks across the gap of desire.

£7.99 ISBN 978-0-9546137-7-8.

Anthony Nanson (Available from Awen Publications, 2008)  

The Fifth Quarter

The Fifth Quarter is Romney Marsh, as defined by the Revd Richard Harris Barham in The Ingoldsby Legends: ‘The World, according to the best geagraphers, is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Romney Marsh’. It is a place apart; and this collection of stories and poems explores its landscapes, wonders at its past, and reflects upon its present.

£7.99 ISBN 978-0-9546137-9-2

Richard Selby (Available from Awen Publications, 2008)  

The Bardic Handbook

This complete manual for the Twenty-First Century Bard contains all you need to know to start on the Bardic Path. Here you will find inspiration and instruction, whether you want to dedicate yourself to the Way of Awen, or simply wish to improve your public-speaking skills and be able to express yourself with confidence.

£14.99 ISBN 978-0-906362-67-9

Kevan Manwaring (Gothic Image Publications, 2006)  

Storytelling and Ecology: reconnecting nature and people through oral narrative

The storytelling movement in Britain is permeated by ecological sympathies. But how exactly do storytelling and ecology impinge upon each other? This paper brings together insights from scholarship and storytelling practice to reflect upon the ecological applications of storytelling in a contemporay British context.

£6.00 ISBN 1-84054-125-3

Anthony Nanson (University of Glamorgan Press & Society for Storytelling, 2005. Available from Awen Publications)    


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