Our approach is 'ecobardic'

Our artistic roots, as a group, are in the bardic arts of oral storytelling, poetry and song. Individually, our backgrounds are in the practices of writing, musicianship and painting, and in the fields of education, publishing, the natural sciences, archaeology and art history.

Our performances bring certain artistic qualities found in ancient and modern bardic practice together with the recognition of the centrality, in our time, of the relationship between humankind and the global ecosystem.

Our aims are to:

Fire the imagination of adults and children

Inspire transformation in individuals and groups

Reach different audiences with new stories and traditional tales

Empower others to seek, create and tell their own particular stories

An Ecobardic Manifesto is available from Awen Publications.


We published An Ecobardic Manifesto  in 2008, presenting a vision for the arts in a time of environmental crisis. As well as being a mission statement for ourselves, this booklet draws attention to the considerable 'ecobardic' work that diverse artists in various fields have already accomplished and raises a cry for more work of this kind.

This twenty-two page booklet addresses the question "what is the purpose of the arts in an age of global crisis?"

In offering an answer, it presents an audacious vision for the arts that holds together commitment to artistic integrity and craft with responsiveness to the particular challenges of our time.